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What I've seen in Mexico
Keywords: Biosphere, Historic, Mayas, monument, pre-Columbian, pre-hispanic, professional sport, pyramids, Ruins, summary, UNESCO
Mexico is a rich country in terms of history and people, even if it's not that rich in financial terms. It is the country in the Americas with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites sites (32), most of them (27) are related to history or culture. Its territory has been the home of very important civilizations for more than 3 000 years. Each of the major civilizations who occupied the current Mexico territory left important traces through their abandoned cities. In their apogee, many of those cities were amongst the largest of the world in their time. more...

Historic centre of Tlacotalpan
Keywords: architecture, Historic, UNESCO
I didn't come to Veracruz only to enjoy the sea. I've come here because it's located between two very different UNESCO sites I wanted to visit. The first I visited was an historic city on a river south of Veracruz. I reached Tlacotalpan by regional bus in about 2 hours. What's special about this city is not the fact it was laid out according to the Spanish grid... it's not the fact it was still almost intact in terms of architecture and size compared to its plans dating back more than 450 years, it's not the fact that it represents a blend of Spanish and Caribbean cultures or the fact it's a river port (rare thing in Central America). What's stand it apart from the rest is it's the styles of the buildings, nothing like any other Spanish city I've seen so far in Mexico. more...

City of Guanajuato
Keywords: architecture, city, Historic, Landscape
'Guanajuato' means “Place of frogs” in the local indigenous language but, surprisingly, you won't see many representations of the frog in the city, nor in the souvenir shops, even though it's the pet of the city. It's a city built around mines and the topography is very special. There's one thing you won't find in Guanajuato is a straight street. But you will find things you will never find anywhere else, like tunnels under the city, canyon-like sub-terranean streets and little charming 'callejóns'. It's even more prettier than Zacatecas in my opinion, but it's also more tourist oriented (in a good way). more...

Keywords: architecture, Historic
I've spent a week in Guadalajara and I really enjoyed my time in that historical city. Back in Québec, we like to think and say that Quebec City (founded in 1608) is the oldest city in the Americas... well, Guadalajara was founded 66 years before that (and there were other cities of course created in Mexico even earlier)! It's currently the 2nd largest metropolitan area (with about 4.5 millions), slightly ahead of Monterrey, but WAY behind Mexico City (22 millions). It's packed with Americans some for work, but most for retirement. more...

San Francisco architecture
Keywords: architecture, Historic, Icon
I'm not an architect and I'm not even knowledgeable in architecture styles, but I love San Francisco for its architecture. It has a few big buildings that are very nice, including the Transamerica Pyramid. Most of the houses are either in Victorian style or very much inspired by it... even without the fine details, you can easily distinguish the idea. Here in the Bay, everyone seems to have bay windows to let the maximum of sunlight inside. more...

Keywords: Capital, Capital, city, Historic
I had briefly visited Sacramento a few years ago and I thought I should take another look at it, plus it was a nice stop to make before reaching San Francisco. But California is in bad shape and it shows in its capital. more...

Cahokia Mounds
Keywords: architecture, Historic, Landscape, UNESCO
Not all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are spectacular or grandiose, even if most of them are. There are entries on that famous list that are there just because of their historical importance. Cahokia Mounds is certainly not the most spectacular site and unless you're an avid archeologist you won't find much to see in there, but there is some significant value to the site. more...

Steel City
Keywords: Historic, Landscape
I didn't know much about Pittsburgh besides the 'Flashdance' movie and the very polluted stereotype of a major industrial city. But my visit in this large city from Western Pennsylvania showed me a whole other side of the city. more...

Lunenburg, a double historical location
Keywords: Historic, UNESCO
After many reports due to the weather, I decided I had to go to Lunenburg no matter what the weather was. I would have preferred to see it during a nice sunny day to reproduce the postcard pictures everyone has in mind when thinking about this wonderful location.... but Mother Nature decided otherwise... so I had the modesty to accept it and roll with the punch. more...

Grand Pré... commemoration of the Acadian deportation
Keywords: Historic, UNESCO
In 1755, after the English were fed up by the resistance of the Acadians (of French origin) in Nova Scotia that they decided to deport them all away to eliminate the problem they had. They moved thousands of people all over the nearby English colonies (area now known as New England). The site commemorates the events around this horrible stain of history. I was very touched by the visit. more...

Quebec City : oldest city in North-America
Keywords: Historic, UNESCO
Founded in 1608, Quebec City was for a long time the entrance point into North-America through the majestic St-Lawrence river. Nowadays, it remains the only fortified city left on the continent, with its walls not only visible, but still part of the life and identity of the city. When you walk in the old city, you’re amongst 300 years old buildings more...
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