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Joya de Cerén
Keywords: pre-hispanic, Ruins, UNESCO
Most of you have heard about the eruption of the Vesuvius in Italy that instantly converted Pompeii of ashes and preserved life as is for nearly two thousands years. But how many of you know that there are cities like that in America too? I didn't, but I visited one today. more...

Keywords: Mayas, pre-hispanic, Ruins, UNESCO
I like to go early on an archeological site to be there before the crowds and have a chance to take nice pictures without people in them. Usually the sites open at 8 AM and the bus tours arrive around 10, leaving me some time to do the visit and take pictures. In the case of Tikal, it's a lot different. There are tours to bring you there to watch the sunrise leaving Flores at 3 AM so we can enter the ruins park around 4 AM, to have time to cross the site and reach the pyramid for the sunrise viewing. There are a few groups who are there at the same time... so even though it's pitch black out there... you can have easily up to 100 people roaming the location. I had picked my date after watching the weather forecast... and today was a clear sky day with a few clouds. Unfortunately, I still wasn't lucky. more...

What I've seen in Mexico
Keywords: Biosphere, Historic, Mayas, monument, pre-Columbian, pre-hispanic, professional sport, pyramids, Ruins, summary, UNESCO
Mexico is a rich country in terms of history and people, even if it's not that rich in financial terms. It is the country in the Americas with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites sites (32), most of them (27) are related to history or culture. Its territory has been the home of very important civilizations for more than 3 000 years. Each of the major civilizations who occupied the current Mexico territory left important traces through their abandoned cities. In their apogee, many of those cities were amongst the largest of the world in their time. more...

Historical Centre of Oaxaca and Monte Albán
Keywords: city, pyramids, Ruins, UNESCO
This UNESCO site includes three locations in and around the city of Oaxaca. The first one is the old historical centre, then there is the magnificent Monte Albán and the small village of Cuilapan where the Dominicans set up a large monastery (which I didn't visit). I walked a lot within the old Oaxaca and this morning I spent almost 3 hours exploring Monte Albán. The site is very spectacular and on site, I learned something impressive about the site itself... it's been recently named the best UNESCO World Heritage site in the world by a panel of experts. more...
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