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What I've seen in Mexico
Keywords: Biosphere, Historic, Mayas, monument, pre-Columbian, pre-hispanic, professional sport, pyramids, Ruins, summary, UNESCO
Mexico is a rich country in terms of history and people, even if it's not that rich in financial terms. It is the country in the Americas with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites sites (32), most of them (27) are related to history or culture. Its territory has been the home of very important civilizations for more than 3 000 years. Each of the major civilizations who occupied the current Mexico territory left important traces through their abandoned cities. In their apogee, many of those cities were amongst the largest of the world in their time. more...

Sian Ka'an
Keywords: Biosphere, UNESCO
I like nature, but I especially like grandiose nature demonstrations like canyons and mountains. I'm not much in the plain forest type, although I can appreciate it I'm not awed by it. I can certainly appreciate the value of a biosphere reserve for its contribution in preserving the local flora and fauna, but usually the best types of environments for that are marsh lands, which aren't very spectacular. Of course, there are the hundreds of animals and plants to appreciate but not being a zoologist, a bird watcher or a botanist they don't capture my interest unless they catch my photographer's eye. All this to say that if Sian Ka'an wasn't a UNESCO World Heritage Site I probably wouldn't have visited it. But I did enjoy the experience. more...
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