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Keywords: Colonial, UNESCO
Ecuador got two magnificent colonial cities. I already talked you about Quito when I arrived in this country. Now that I'm leaving it, I stopped by the other major colonial city : Cuenca. There's a friendly revalry between the two cities as to which is the most beautiful. After spending two weeks in both, I can tell you they're very different and are both very interesting, for various reasons. more...

Historic Quito
Keywords: Colonial
Quito has been an important city for the Inca empire before the arrival of the Spaniards. In 1534, the Spaniards took control of the deserted and mostly destroyed Inca city. They built a new city there, the current Quito. What's remarkable about Quito is that it's by far the most preserved colonial city in the Americas. For many square kilometres, the city just like it was centuries ago if you omit the modern transportation facilities. more...

Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo
Keywords: Colonial, UNESCO
The old historic town of Panama City is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mainly because it's by far of course the oldest European settlement on the Pacific coast. But since the city was moved after its initial destruction, the actual UNESCO site includes two distinct locations, spread apart by 7,5 km, of different nature. more...

Cathedral of León
Keywords: architecture, church, Colonial, UNESCO
The second UNESCO site in Nicaragua is also in León, it's the imposing cathedral. This imposing structure is the largest cathedral in Central America and was used as base model to make the cathedral of Lima, in Peru. It's a complex mix of Spanish design integrating local materials, design and art. more...

León Viejo
Keywords: Colonial, UNESCO
Nicaragua has only two UNESCO World Heritage sites, both of them related to Leon, the historic former capital of the country. This first site was the first location of the city on the Western shore of the Managua lake. The original city had a very short but very troubled history. In 85 years of existence, it has known more than its share of both human and natural disasters. more...
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