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Beaver tails
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-23 17:50:58 | Banff, Alberta, Canada
Keywords: dessert, food
As I was walking downtown Banff I ran into a familiar store and I realized I had forgotten to tell you about the two most famous food icons in Canada. This first one is not originally from Banff... but from Ottawa, but now it's enjoyed all over Canada. It became famous as a warm snack to eat while skating on the Rideau Canal (the longest skate rink in the world), but now it's enjoyed all year-round as a dessert treat. The name comes from the shape of this pastry... which looks like the tail of a beaver... a national emblem of Canada. It's a whole-wheat pastry, stretched and flat-cooked in canola oil. After a short rest period to let oil get out, it's spread with butter and toppings.

It comes with different toppings combination. The picture above shows you the variety I got in Banff... chocolate/hazelnut spread with banana and icing sugar. It's greasy, it's dirty to eat, but it's deliciously good for your tongue and mind. It's has become over the years a new staple in comfort food in Canada. No visit to Canada should be complete without a beaver tail!

Officially started in 1978, they now have over 80 locations across Canada and have began expansion outside the borders... with 2 locations in Colorado and 2 more in Saudi Arabia! They use more than 20 tons of chocolate hazelnut spread a year.

Below, my naked beaver tail, just resting to let the oil out... before being covered with the butter and the toppings.

I'll soon tell you about another icon of the Canadian food.

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