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Bye bye Canada
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-26 09:20:59 | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Keywords: Bye bye, Canada
I left Canada, my home country, for real this time. Unlike when I entered the US in early July, with a return date to Canada, this time I have no idea if I'll even return to Canada one day. That is a weird feeling... even for someone who's much patriotic. But at least, I can say I've visited my native country now.

Yes, I've lived all my life in Canada, but I didn't really visited it... preferring exploring foreign lands. Until this journey began, I had not been West of the Niagara Falls in Canada... and I had not been in Newfoundland on the East side. Now that I've spent about 4 weeks of my journey in Canada and I can say I've visited my own country (including past experiences)!

Let's pull up some stats here to verify the impression. I've been to 8 of the 10 provinces (5 during this journey, only missing Saskatchewan and Manitoba overall). I've visited 6 of the 7 most important cities (only missing #5 Edmonton) overall. During this journey alone, I've been to the Eastern-most (St. John's, Newfoundland), the Southern-most (Windsor, Ontario), the Western-most (Victoria, British-Columbia) and the highest (Banff, Alberta) cities of Canada. The flying distance between St. John's and Victoria is about 5 000 km, while the road takes about 7 000 km, and you were still be continuously in the same country!

A month before the beginning of my journey, because it wasn't on my itinerary, I visited again Ottawa, Canada's capital.

I also have now visited the two most popular natural attractions in the country: Niagara Falls and the Canadian Rockies. I've dipped my feet in two of the 3 oceans bordering the country.

It's true that I'd still have to visit the North... with its 3 territories... but that's hard to do by ground transportation. To go from Edmonton to Yellowknife (roughly 1 000 km by flight) would take over 1 500 km by road, going through basically desert tundra. You'd have to bring your own gas reserves and hope your car won't break down because there's not much traffic out there. Train doesn't go that far north and neither buses, simply because there's not enough people willing to spend that kind of time in a bus rather than taking a plane. My only option to go that far North would be the freight cargo boats bringing goods up there. However, the price is extremely steep... and the boat has only access to the small villages along the coast, not the cities which are deep into the land.

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