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Halifax Harbourwalk
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-06-27 19:37:14 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Keywords: attraction, tourists
In opposition to St. John's I visited last week, Halifax has a very lively harbour front and you can see the ocean. It's steps away from the major docking location for big cruise ships... so as soon as cruise passengers get off their luxury boat, the site comes alive. Otherwise the ambiance is pretty limited on the promenade where you see all the expected suspects plus a few rare ones.

Amongst the regular sightings in this situation, there are the bike and Segway rental stalls, the local artwork, the tour boats, the high-end seafood restaurants taking advantage of the rich tourists brought by the sea, the amphibian bus touring its passengers in the street and in the harbour and, since we're in Canada, the famous BeaverTails shack.

What's unusual to find in there are sea kayaks rental, a poutine stand or some stall selling fresh seafood (not cooked). I'm not much into kayaking (sea or river)... but that's an unusual way to discover a city.... being in a small plastic coffin at the height of very large oceanic boats' propellers crossing the harbour :-)

These days, everyone seems to be serving poutines.... and everyone claims to be the best poutine around. I could even had replaced the fries of my fish and chips by a poutine. Considering the fries I got... I'm glad I didn't... those were not fries for poutine. That fish and chips stand also offers a “Maritime poutine”... consisting of beer-battered cheese curds instead of the regular version. There's also a “poutinerie”... which seems to offer decent versions.

As for the seafood stand, I discovered it after having already eaten a fish and chips. But I'll return tomorrow probably to have a fresh oyster. I never had one in my life... and they sell them individually there, all cracked open for you. That seems like the best place to try it.

I also saw something I hadn't seen in a long time offered by a small burger vendor... Chili cheese Fritos... except his were in a Doritos bag.

Finally, at the very end of the walk, near the casino, there's a little ice cream shop... and I saw how they were making their waffle cones and bowls. Freshly made on site, every day.

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