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Lunenburg, a double historical location
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-02 19:32:15 | Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Keywords: Historic, UNESCO
After many reports due to the weather, I decided I had to go to Lunenburg no matter what the weather was. I would have preferred to see it during a nice sunny day to reproduce the postcard pictures everyone has in mind when thinking about this wonderful location.... but Mother Nature decided otherwise... so I had the modesty to accept it and roll with the punch.

So, along with my ride, we arrived in Lunenburg in late afternoon. I dropped my stuff at the motel and I walked to a viewpoint I had spotted on Google maps... the view was as expected... but with rain and low clouds in the way of the postcard image. I then spent about 2 hours walking in the city under light to moderate rain. I was glad then I had my waterproof compact camera. :-) I was soaked to the bones when I returned to the motel.

Lunenburg is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its unique British planned settlement architecture. Established in 1753, the street layout in the old Lunenburg remains intact 260 years later... and over 95% of the houses and public buildings are still made of wood, using the coulisse technique rarely used in North America, providing an exceptional preservation of the original designs. Today, still two-thirds of the all buildings in Old Lunenburg date from 19th century, and many are from 18th century.

For Canadians, Lunenburg is famous, not for its architecture, its street layout or anything of that kind... it's famous because it was the home of the Bluenose. The bluenose was a racing schooner built in 1921. She has won EVERY race she took part of during 17 years. She was a pride symbol for Canadians in the 1930s, and it's still known to most Canadians today because she is represented on our 10 cents coins (called dimes). She was also represented on my postage stamps, as well as her captain (Angus Walters) and her designer (William Roué) who are both heroes in the Canadian folklore. For your information, “bluenose” is the nickname of the people of Nova Scotia... because of the cold they had to face out in sea during the winter that sometimes got them frozen noses.

Even today, Lunenburg is still one of the rare locations in North America where traditional ship building skills still exist and are promoted. So, if you have an old 18th or 19th century wood boat to repair, Lunenburg is your destination.

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