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The British Victoria
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-17 00:05:48 | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Keywords: Capital, food, rain
As I said, it was strange to be back in Canada, maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was just to discover a part of Canada I didn't know. But landing in Victoria was a weird feeling, to see all familiar Canadian brands but in a setting that could have been London (UK).

The Parliament building right next to the water with its big statue of Queen Victoria, the double-decker city buses, the numerous pubs, the classic fish & chips and the Victorian houses really make it very British.  Turning my back to the ocean for a moment and I could easily imagine myself in a suburb of the Queen's home.

But when you look more closely, you notice that the pubs serve mostly local BC beers, that the fish & chips aren't simply cod or other common white fish, you see salmon and tasty halibut, that the double-decker buses aren't red.... but white or covered with a giant ad, etc.

Victoria has its own personality and charm, even if more and more invaded by American brands.  Despite its capital status of a rather populous province, it's a very small city (approximately 350 000 people live in the metro area).

Partly because of its size, but also because of its flat downtown area, Victoria is very walkable.  More, it's very pedestrians friendly too. On most intersections, they covered the traffic lights controller boxes with a local map giving you you location and the next 5 streets in all directions.

Don't want to walk?  It has one of the cheapest transit around.  Yes, one regular fare is $2.50, but you can get a day pass for only $5!!!  So, for the price of a round-trip, you got unlimited travels.

I got rain most of the time I was in Victoria, but I'm glad I stopped, for two reasons: I can say I've been to the Western-most city in Canada and the food was SO good.

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