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Victoria food... Yummy!
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-14 21:23:01 | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Keywords: fish, food, pourine
As always when I'm on a coastal city, I try to eat fish and seafood. Victoria, British-Columbia, is no exception of course. Since I had not researched the subject before arrival and since I was staying pretty close to the harbour, I decided to return to the harbour (where I had arrived by boat from Port Angeles, WA, USA). There, I walked a bit... and I saw a group of people around a restaurant made out of an old container. I got closer and I saw it was serving fish and chips... bingo!, I had found my place to eat.

I must admit it was a strange feeling to be back in Canada after roughly 5 weeks in the USA (not counting my 2-hr dip in Windsor of course). It felt nice to see store and bank brands I know, much more than I thought it would. Even though I was at roughly 5 000 km from where I used to live, it was still in the same country and there was an invisible bound.

And that invisible bound got a bit stronger when I looked at the menu of the chosen restaurant and saw they had fish and seafood... poutine! Now, I knew what I would take. Since the spicy poutine contents wasn't spelled out on their menu, I asked at the order counter... satisfied with the description, I went for it. I also order a special hot dog.

That's what you see on the picture. On the left side, it's the spicy fish poutine. It's made out of crispy fries, topped with chunks of salmon and cod in a spicy chipotle sauce. It's VERY tasty... but it could use some more sauce to get the real feeling of a poutine. I ate all the toppings and a few fries. I took the small version ($6), but they also had a large version ($10). On the right side, you have a 'red dog'... which is basically a salmon filet fried and served on a grilled bun with pickles, lemon pickled onions and tartar sauce ($8). I had about one-quarter of the dog on site... brought the rest at the hostel for a nightly snack. I have spent more than I would have normally for a meal... but it was so worth it... and I had a great night snack too! Besides, this was the only expense I made today... so my budget is okay.

I know I'll return to that little shack for more of their specialities tomorrow. :-)

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