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New UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-06-23 18:24:05 | Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala
Keywords: UNESCO
The UNESCO World Heritage committee is having its annual reunion (in Qatar this year). Every year, it's the occasion to add new sites to the list. This year, they added 26 new sites (21 cultural, 4 natural and 1 mixed), in addition of expanding four others.

I was hoping they would include sites I had visited to have a few more sites visited, but it wasn't the case.  It almost happened though because they added a site I planned to visit in Costa Rica (in about 2 months).  Overall, there are now over a thousand sites on the list.

Among the 2014 new sites, we must first mention the very first site in Myanmar (Birmania).  That being said, which are my top three of the new sites?

The most spectacular to me is probably the Erbil Citadel in Iraq.  I hope to have the chance to visit that multiplayer oval-shaped city.  Since it's located in Northern Iraq, close to the Turkish border, I think I will be able to go.

Erbil citadel, Iraq - Golden Eagle Global

The most impressive new site is the Qhapaq an Andean road system.  It's a network of paths dating more than 600 years, that was the heart of the Inca communication and transport systems.  The network includes over 30 000 km of mountain-side paths, some reaching peaks over 6 000 m (20 000 feet!).  The network spans the entire West Coast of South America, from Colombia to Argentina.  The inscribed site features 273 locations.  Although I will try to visit a segment in each country, that's for sure I will not fully explore it.

Qhapaq an, Andean Road System - Proyecto Q-Bolivia

The most unusual site is the Van Nellefabriek in The Netherlands.  It was selected because it was the model of factory that was reproduced all over Netherlands a century ago and played a role in the economy of Europe.

Van Nellefabriek - CV Van Nelle Design Factory

Out of the new sites, which one would you prefer to visit?

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left this comment on 2014-06-24 07:36:29

La citadel d'iraq

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