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Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-10-26 20:44:51 | Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Keywords: beach, history
I first decided to stop at Mazatlán because it was on the coast and was to make a wonderful stop before going back inland. I didn't have much expectations about the city because I knew it was a quieter place than two big Spring Break destinations on the Pacific coast of Mexico (Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta). But I was surprised by many aspects of it.

Yes, Mazatlán is by the ocean an has great beaches around which the city was built, there is also a rich history with an old town packed with historic buildings but it's also a very enjoyable city, with kinda a Californian feeling, influenced by the ocean omnipresent in town. I feel for the first time since I'm in Mexico, I really met with the Mexican life... I went to the market to get my bread and other commodities, I shopped at the convenience store for other articles.. since there is no supermarket downtown that's what everyone is doing here. I also went outside downtown with the local bus to reach large retailers get some other stuff.

It probably doesn't have the nicest beaches (narrow and steep mostly) but I totally enjoyed walking on them working on my tan... walking an hour a day shirtless on the beach did great for my skin tone (I'm getting more careful since my Boston experience). I experienced the salty and very warm water in different conditions, in different tides, etc. I watched wonderful sunsets, and ate great fish and shrimps (the local speciality). Just walking along the beach and seeing small fishermen boat come back with their catches was worth the stop.

I walked around along the malecon (sidewalk along the beach) a lot... and explored the old city, using a self-guided tour map. I learned to better navigate through the streets and find my way around. I loved the many sculptures all over the city, and the various thoughts written on walls.

Health wise, I felt better most of the week... but at the end I had some signs of sickness again... so I stayed indoors the last two days, working and brushing up my Spanish. My body definitely has some problems getting used to Mexico... I hope it settles down quickly.

Would I return to Mazatlán? Yes, in a heartbeat. I love the general feeling of the city, especially downtown and the old part... with its narrow streets and its sidewalks covered with street vendors. And I love to see and feel the presence of the ocean everywhere. Even when you're in one of the markets off the port... you see the products of the sea through the stalls offering you many varieties of fresh shrimps.

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