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Mexican music
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-01-12 18:30:45 | Veracruz, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico
Keywords: Music, UNESCO
The UNESCO recognizes the mariachi bands as an Intangible Heritage of Mexico, like the celebrations of the Day of the Dead (on November 2nd). The modern mariachi band is usually composed of a trumpet, a contrabass, a violin and one guitar. They are all dressed up in a traditional costume which is usually black and sometimes white.

This mariachi band above was playing in front of a church in a religious ceremony, very early in the morning. They are very popular amongst the population who hires them for various occasions, from religious ceremonies to private parties, from music for dinner to romance singing to the loved one. In Mexico City, you can even drive your car next to Garibaldi Plaza and have drive-in service.
Mariachis drive-in in Mexico City

You can also see below a picture of a norteņo (from North) band, which is usually more centred around percussions than strings. Both mariachis and norteņo bands are the origin of the popular 'bandas' which are now dominating the Mexican music: they even have a specialized music TV channel dedicated only to bandas: BandaMax.

Mexican music industry is mostly centred around bandas, which are essentially men performers and singers. There are a few women bandas or at least women singing with men bandas, but they are a minority. Even the solo artists usually adopt the banda music style for their soundtracks. The theme of the songs are mostly around love, especially broken hearts, or the life of Mexicans living abroad (broken heart about the country). At the image of the Mexican society, the videos are feature very sexy women, very lightly dressed, acting as eye-candy being the source of the pain of the singer.

Since there is almost no real music industry in terms of selling records, because you can find pirated CDs at every store corner or sold in the metro by the very annoying walking sellers with their loud speakers, most of these bands make their money doing concerts with the associated merchandise.

I've made you a YouTube playlist of the most popular songs right now in Mexico.

Norteņo band at the cemetery for Day of the Death

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