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Deep Chicago pizza
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-20 19:31:28 | Chicago, Illinois, United States
Keywords: food, pizza
The Windy City is known for 2 iconic foods. The first of these is the deep dish pizza. Here's a sample from one of the best pizza places in town. I had this piece with sausage topping.

The pizza is cooked in a baking dish of at least an inch deep and the dough is applied all around the interior edge like for an apple pie. The toppings of a Chicago-style pizza are usually simple and limited to a meat item, onions and lots of cheese. Once cooked, the bottom of the pizza is quite thick, but the crust is very good.

Chicago restaurants also serve 'thin' crusts (which is a regular pizza anywhere else) and stuffed pizza which is a two-layer pizza based on the deep-dish variety.

Just like eating a philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, coming to Chicago for the original deep dish pizza is very nice :-)

Tomorrow, I intend to present you the second food icon of Chicago.

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