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First day at the beach... OUCH!
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-06 19:42:13 | Revere, Massachusetts, United States
Keywords: beach, karma
A few days ago, I made an entry about life and friendship, and explained that I believed in karma... and that I thought that being good in general with people, I'd get good things in return. Well, I believe I have another fine example of that.

Looking for alternatives to hotels and their price tags, I've explored other possibilities like Couchsurfing and AirBnB. Because I wasted a lot of time in Halifax doing nothing constructive, I missed my window to be able to find a couch in Boston. By browsing on AirBnB, I found a nice little room in Revere, north of Boston, and home of the famous Revere Beach.

As anyone would tell you, I'm not a beach guy... I don't have the body to display on a beach and I hate staying a long time doing nothing... so doing what we call “the bacon” is not something I ever did. But I told myself: “Well, you already know downtown Boston, and you could get there quickly by subway... so why not explore this area?”. Two years ago, I stayed pretty close to downtown, in a neighbourghood called Back Bay and I had the chance to take tons of pictures, including of sunrise over the city.

With the temperature being close to 40, in the shade, without the humidity factor, I was really not in the mood to go downtown and explore the city... not a fun experience that would have also cost me a fortune in smoothies trying to keep myself cool. I had the experience a few weeks ago in New York City where even after drinking 6 litres of water and smoothies, I was still overheating. I didn't want to repeat the experience.

Since I don't like sunbathing, I decided I'd go there early in the morning when there are few people, to at least dip myself in the Atlantic Ocean... which I had never done. So, I went out at 7h30 in the morning... the beach was just a 10-min walk from my room. Since I don't like to stand still and do nothing... I decided I'd walk. So, went down to the water line... got my shoes and socks out... and my t-shirt too. Since I wanted to take the opportunity to equalize my tan... which is great from the elbow to the fingers... but otherwise, I'm as white as milk... as you can see on the picture above with my watch white mark.

Karma had me picked a location near the beach, and I decided to take the opportunity to create my own experience with the beach, rather than copying everyone else and just sit there to toast.  And Karma bite me back for my carelessness :-)

The water was freezing, yet every 30 mins or so, I put my shoes in a dry zone and went in the water (good thing I had packed my swim shorts, sorry ladies, no Speedo). It took me a few dippings before I was comfy enough to really immerse myself totally. That was good, very cold... but good. When I was just standing with water to my waist, it was a very strange feeling to have my lower body freezing and the upper one sweating.

So, I walked, and walked, and walked... I did the entire beach up and down... that's roughly a total of 10-12 km. I walked slowly, with water over my feet and up to my calves most of the time. It took me 4 hours to complete... and return to my room. That's when I realized I had made a mistake not putting my t-shirt back on after an hour or two :-)

I'm red like a fully-cooked lobster... except for my lower arms which were already tanned. A bit more and you could no longer see my tatoo! :-)

Yes, I'm hurting... and I will for a a few days. But that's okay... I never regret what I do, and I don't mind paying for my mistakes or for the pleasure I had. Yes, I had quite a ball there.

For the first time of my life, I've spent half a day at the beach. For the first time in my life, I tasted salt on my lips after dipping myself. For the first time of my life, I walked on a beach with my bear feet. For the first time of my life, I dared to walk in public topless. For the first time in my life, I walked on the asphalt and cement on my bare feet. Now, to most of you, that seems trivial and common. But I had never done it.

My journey is not only about visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and cities, etc... it's also simply about doing things I have never done. I'm not a daredevil and I doubt I'll do Jackass stunts ever... but sometimes little pleasures are the best.

So, would I prefer I had put my t-shirt on earlier? Yes. Do I regret it? No, not at all... since those sunburns are also a reminder of the experiences I had for the first time in my life. Lesson learned for next time however... and there will be no beach for me in New York City.

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