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Fries anyone?
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-19 20:21:01 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Keywords: food, sandwich
Unlike many other cities, Pittsburgh has no staple food item. Nothing like Montreal's smoked meat, Chicago pizza or dawgs. But they have a very special way of presenting fast food.

In Pittsburgh, there's one chain of local restaurants that is famous and no visit in that city would be complete without a visit to one of their locations.  You see above their most popular sandwich, the Pittsburgher.  Ground beef steak served with lots of fries and coleslaw WITHIN the sandwich.  They even put fries on their salad dishes!

The burger was very filling and the mix of taste is quite interesting.

The ambiance is like a dive bar.  Their #1 seller is beer.  They have a single page menu to choose from.  Your beverage will come in a plastic container and your sandwich in a simple wrapper, no plate.  The cooking area is open and visible to all.

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