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Grand Teton
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-05 10:38:37 | Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Keywords: mountain, park
Grand Teton isn't a very famous national park, but many visit it because it's right next to Yellowstone. In fact, I wonder why it's not simply part of Yellowstone. The Grand Teton is the tallest summit of the Teton range, which is a sub-range of the Rockies. Grand Teton reaches 13 775 ft (4 199 m), while the plateau to observe it is roughly at 7 000 feet (2 121 m)... so the mountain raises up about 7 000 feet from its surroundings, generating spectacular views.

Grand Teton national park isn't as diversified as its neighbour, but it's just as spectacular in its way... to see a long range of high mountains standing up like that is quite impressive.

Not much else to write about that park visit, since we made only a 45 minutes break stop there, except it's a nice complement to the Yellowstone visit, since we haven't seen such mountains then.

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