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I have already been through Hell
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-20 12:24:24 | Hell, Michigan, United States
Keywords: attraction, fun, karma
You probably saw my posting about my first 5 weeks on the road and you probably told yourself 'That's good, nothing bad happened.' But in fact, I've been on the road for a bit more than a month.. and I've already been through Hell. Once again, I'm talking about Hell, Michigan.

When I told my Couchsurfing host about my failed attempts to reach Hell, she proposed me to drive me there. I compensated her for the time and gas of course. So, we drove to Hell. I already had visited the location through Google maps' street view so I knew what to expect.

After about an hour drive, we arrived in Hell and parked to visit 'downtown' by foot. The downtown part only consists of three buildings really... a bar, a souvenir shop and a restaurant/ice cream parlour/post office. Behind the souvenir shop, there's a mini-putt and a series of cut-outs pictures in which you insert your head. There are of course many signs indicating you're in Hell. We spent about 45 minutes there in total and during that time we saw many other tourists visiting Michigan's hysterical town.

The weather was appropriate for the location... very hot... about 35 C, feeling above 40 C.

I did buy a postcard to mail to friends living in California... in Paradise, California. So, I sent a postcard from Hell to Paradise. It was a first for the post office clerk there. I have used a special postage stamp to put on the postcard... an apple, the fruit of the original sin. Then, the clerk applied the official Hell post office stamp and used a candle to darken the postcard as if it had just escaped the fire from Hell.

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