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Kansas City BBQ
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-28 00:32:11 | Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Keywords: BBQ, food
Kansas City is definitely a town with a food speciality... or many in fact. It's not known for a specific dish but for a whole cuisine style: barbecue. Thus, it's famous for everything cooked on a BBQ fire pit... including pork, beef, chicken, etc. Another feature is the sauce that you put on the meat. Kansas City BBQ sauce is tomato-based, sweet and spicy/tangy. That's my favourite style of BBQ sauce.

The city features many iconic BBQ restaurants. I've been to three of them. They are not fancy stylish restaurants, even though they do have style.

The first one I went to was Oklahoma Joe's original location in a gas station. That's probably the most iconic of them all. Want to know how famous it is? Forbes magazine listed it as THE best BBQ joint in the USA.

One of the best chefs of the world, Anthony Bourdain, listed the place as one of the 13 places you got to eat before you die (all over the world). Not enough? How about a place where locals (not only tourists) are waiting an hour in line to get served (it's the same line-up for eat-in and take-out)... for a weekday lunch!

It's a location that is hard to reach using the poor transit system... and it's in the Kansas part of the city, then you have to wait about an hour in line to reach the ordering counter. But it is worth it! I've been there yesterday and had the pulled pork sandwich with onion rings above. For those interested, they sell their homemade BBQ sauce in various bottles, from a quart to a gallon! They even have a very spicy version of it, called 'Night of the living'... and it's spicy enough to reanimate any taste bud!

For supper last night, I went to a place local to my housing... Gates BBQ. There I had their iconic 'burnt ends on bun'. Burnt ends are very flavourful pieces of meat from the brisket part, they are slightly burned but still filled with juices, adding to the flavour profile. That's their speciality and God was it good! There too you could have a spicier sauce to add to your sandwich you want to.

Today for lunch, I've been to another location not that easy to reach especially on weekend: Arthur Bryant's. Again, my choice was their original location. I also had a pulled pork dish there. I found their sauce to be more vinegar than sweet... and it ended up a spicier sauce than Oklahoma Joe's. I liked the dish, but I preferred yesterday's one.

For supper tonight, I went with my CS hosts to the original location of Jack Stack... the fourth major BBQ chains in Kansas City. I had an excellent rack of ribs there. No, I couldn't eat all that, but in Kansas, all the portions are large. These pork ribs were very tender and tasty.

For the people used to tasty bread, you can't expect to have wheat bread served with your BBQ here... but that's fine... because the meat is well served with bland white bread. Also, they do have ketchup bottles on the tables, but I didn't see anyone use them.

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