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Kansas City visit
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-28 00:44:31 | Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Keywords: food, skyline
The initial reason why I chose to make a stop in Kansas City was because it was a nice distance to mark a pause between St. Louis and Denver. I knew of course about their BBQ and I was curious to taste the real thing. I won't go really into Tennessee or Texas, except for El Paso... and I expect to find more Tex-Mex than BBQ out there.

I wasn't expecting much from the city located in the heart of the US, nor did I research it properly. I assumed I could just go downtown and explore the city. But Kansas City isn't a city in which you can do that since it's a donut city where downtown is only use for business, and no real life takes place in it, people living in the suburbs and only come to the centre of town for work. Downtown begins to be revitalized but there are still lots of work to do.

The transit system is very cheap ($1.50 per trip or $3 for a full-day pass), but it's not very frequent outside the two major MAX lines and a few others. So, exploring this vast city area is a bit complicated and takes a lot of time. So, I mostly limited myself to the neighbourhood I was staying in and ventured out to BBQ places and do some minor errands.

KC is a city with lots of large avenues and fountains and parks, but it's not really made to be explored by foot... due to the large distances between interesting locations. The city apparently has a very interesting cultural life, surprisingly for a city that size and in the middle of nowhere. I'm told the cost of living is very low in Kansas City. I haven't done my cost analysis, but it's true the food I had was generally cheaper than similar products in other cities.

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