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My plans for Hell burned down
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-19 20:39:02 | Hell, Michigan, United States
Keywords: Failure, planning
I left Detroit yesterday morning to go to Hell.... Hell, Michigan that is. I really wanted to go there for many reasons, but plans A, B, C and D failed. So, I decided to concentrate on what was supposed to be a side activity. Or, how to salvage a day when all plans fall apart.

I wanted to go to Hell, to have many jokes to do with the name of course. Unfortunately, I didn't take time to prepare myself adequately, so I had to rely on improvisation. I must admit I felt I uneasy most of the day about that.

Plan A. Get to Ann Arbor or Dexter and walk to Hell. That was abandoned for lack of preparation and because of very hot weather (was to be expected when coming close to Hell).

Plan B. Once in Dexter, find a cab and get there. Once I reached Dexter, I discovered there was no cab in town. For the reasons of failure of plan A, I decided not to try to walk or hitchhike there. So I returned to Ann Arbor.

Plan C. I had found an ad on Craig's list about someone offering rides around Ann Arbor for a good price. I called, but he wasn't available today.

Plan D. I asked a local taxi how much it would be to go to Hell and back. I know, anywhere else in the world it would have been a very silly question, but here it was logic. He called his dispatcher and they estimated the cost would be around 150 dollars. I wanted to go there, but not that much.

So, after running to Dexter (not related to TV serial killer who's inspired by someone in Florida, but funny that it's the closest village to Hell) and seeing all my attempts fail I decided to forget the project to go to Hell.

It proved me a few things. First, I need to prepare myself better, especially for new cities I'm visiting for the first time. Second, although I can improvise, this is definitely out of my comfort zone. Third, it's not a drama if plans fall apart. Fourth, even if your day seems ruined, there's still hope to get good things from it, as I did with Ann Arbor fairs.

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