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New Mexico State Fair
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-23 18:05:53 | Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Keywords: attraction, fair, food
As I arrived in Albuquerque, I saw this was the last weekend of the annual state fair, so I decided to go on Sunday morning. Since I won't be here for the biggest festival in town in two weeks (the balloon fiesta), I cannot skip the second biggest so I had to attend this mix of amusement park, farm exhibition, food contests, rodeos and cultural events.

As you enter the huge site, you are welcomed by the giant rides and the ability contests of all kinds of the fair, in hope to win a large stuffed animal.   Between each throwing ability stand you have the regular overpriced fast food cart. 

Then you walk and you encounter a petting farm presenting to young city-slickers the farm animals.  Funny enough, the sponsor of this farm is the famous McDonald's.... As in the kids song :-)    I quickly toured but didn't touch.  Just in front, you could have a small camel ride.

Then you encounter the aisle of cars exhibition.... Every day a different brand is honoured.  Not all cars shown are in exhibition condition, but here in New Mexico, people often drive their collection items.  Every day, I saw many cars from the 50's or earlier in the streets, used to do errands.  Due to the dry heat here, they don't rust and since they don't meet with extreme cold, the cars live much longer.

Then you have the rodeo and equestrian competition exhibition halls, where you can also witness pig races a few times a day.  In that area you also find the beauty competition animals from a variety of species.  During my visits, I was able to see the participants in the roosters competition.  Most were for sale.  $20 would buy you a winner.  I kept wondering if it would taste better :-)

You saw my picture of fair food, but there were much more special offerings.  They have chili and salsa competitions.  But also an open competition for the most original food.   In New Mexico, they eat about everything with chili, especially the green one.  One winner of last year created a green chili icing for mini donuts.

There are halls where the native Americans present and sell their crafts.  There are also stages where performers entertain the crowds, from kung fu demonstrations to a circus, and a zip line going over the crowd. 

Lots of vendors of all kinds, from local paper, to car dealers.  There were also a giant food court, many BBQ joints had a huge smoker on site, that's where I got my huge turkey leg.

One thing I was surprised not to see was cowboy gear.  But I later went into a specialty store to get an idea of the prices for boots (easily $200 and up) and hats (about $45 and up).  I tried a few hats to find out my size :-)

I'm not a fan of those events, but I'm glad I had the chance to visit it.

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