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Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-06 23:18:22 | San Francisco, California, United States
Keywords: beach
After almost a full week walking all over the sights of San Francisco, I decided to go spend a few hours at the beach. After all, I have dipped myself in the Atlantic Ocean in Boston at the beginning of my trip... 2 months ago. It was just fair I do the Pacific Ocean the same curtesy:-) So, I took the metro and got to the Ocean Beach.

Of course, this time, I didn't act as foolishly as I did back then, because I didn't want to look like a cooked lobster again. I spent only 90 mins or so at the beach... about an hour walking facing the sun... then about 30 mins on the way back to catch the bus to return to the city. I'm not burned at all, I will try to repeat this process often to get a tan on most of my body. In my case, that's the best protection against sunburns. Once I got a base done, I don't get sunburns. I know I'm probably still damaging my skin... and that on the long run cancer might peak out... but since I never really exposed myself before... the counter is almost at 0... so I might be at cancer risk in 20 or 30 years... I'll be old and wrinkled then anyway.

I already shown you sample of my left arm tan with the white spot for my watch... here's a sample of my left leg... you can see it almost looks like a Canadian flag, just color-inverted.:-)

That San Francisco beach is very different than Revere Beach in Boston. Here, the beach is almost all in natural state... with only a boardwalk along the street... but with the sand dunes you barely notice there's a route there. There are no shower facilities in the area, no commercial development either. The beach seems to be maintained by the National Park Service, which would make it a national park or something and explain the lack of development and the natural state.

In Boston, Revere Beach is in a small bay. Here, you are directly facing the vast openess of the Pacific Ocean.... seeing the big cargo ships coming to San Francisco. The waves are thus much bigger... and attract lots of surfers. If you get out of the metro or the bus and can't find your way to the beach, just wait a few minutes, you'll see a surfer and his board... just follow him:-)

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