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Port Angeles
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-14 13:10:35 | Port Angeles, Washington, United States
Keywords: architecture, park
Port Angeles is the largest city of the Olympic peninsula (just West from Seattle), with its 20 000 inhabitants. It's also the preferred gateway to the Olympic National Park. It's a little coastal town that has the distinction of having the deepest harbour in the USA... going down to 300 feet. It also has the particularity of having more Chinese restaurants than seafood joints!

Reaching Port Angeles by public transportation isn't easy or short, if you're coming from Seattle. I took the local way... using transit systems from Seattle ferry terminal, then transferring to 4 different buses, belonging to 3 different transit authorities (total fare: $14.20) taking a total time of about 3 hours to make the run. I discovered a bus shuttle service from Seattle to Port Angeles... but it's not much faster.... and costs almost 3 times the transit way I took.

Port Angeles, has a very special feature.... it has been raised by one story (from 8 feet to 15 feet depending on the location), due to sanitary reasons and to circumvent the frequent flooding of downtown. In only 6 months from January 1914 to June of the same year, they built concrete walls to contain the mud used to raise the streets, they built lots of wood infrastructure, raised a few buildings, destroyed others. At the end of June 1914, they had a brand new downtown street network with wood as pavement... until them mud-filling dried six years later. There's a very interesting walking tour I took from the tourist information centre, that leads to remnants of the old city in the basement of some buildings.

Port Angeles is where some people live, but it's mostly a passage way for the entire peninsula and the Olympic national park.... and it's obvious when you walk in the city... where the main streets are East-West and are state roads with heavy traffic. Not a very pedestrian-friendly town, but since downtown is very compact it's not really an issue. The transit system is pretty good and cheap ($1 per passage, $3 for a day pass with unlimited use); it runs every 30 minutes or so most of the time.

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