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Portland review
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-09 00:46:08 | Portland, Oregon, United States
Keywords: Statue, train
When you come from the East coast, you don't know anything about Portland, Oregon. You imagine it's a small city, it's not. You imagine it's by the sea... it's not. You think it's the capital of the Oregon... but it's not.

Portland, Oregon, is a great city to live in and to visit.  There aren't extraordinary buildings like in New York or Chicago. But you'll find one of the greenest city in the world, in all meanings of the term. First, they have tons of parks... from very small to very big. Already as few decades ago, they put the emphasis on the transit system, which is nice, reliable, and cheap ($5 for a day pass with unlimited use). They also offer many recharge stations for electric cars, free. You don't pay for the parking space... and you don't pay for the electricity!

Even if up to 16% of the people of Portland use their bicycle in summer to commute, the city still has lots of cars and needs places to park them. There are many parking towers downtown... but you won't notice them unless you look carefully. They are hidden in plain sight... in buildings that look like office buildings, with windows and all... until you notice the special ventilation traps. When parking on the street, they have an interesting meter system. You pay at a meter, which gives you a receipt. You place that receipt in your window... and that allows you to park for the time allocated... in ANY parking spot on the street. So, you park at one location... pay your parking... then you can move your car into another parking spot. What you bought is parking time... not parking time at one specific location.

It's a city full of street and public art... there are sculptures and art installations just about everywhere you look. Even their public drinking water fountain are design and are part of the signature of the city, even if they weren't made to be design. Here's below an example of those fountains, named Benson Bubblers.

The city has the greatest number of micro-breweries... 37 within the sole limits of the city! You can then get drunk every night for a long time drinking a different local beer each night. In the morning, you can wake up with another speciality drink of the city: coffee.

Portland has many nicknames... one of which is 'City of the roses'... and it's true there are rose bushes everywhere in the city... all over public parks and on virtually every resident's yard. But if you are caught taking a rose from a park's flower bed... it will cost you at least $500.

Weather-wise, it's a city that doesn't know extreme temperatures. In winter it goes down to 20 F (just about -5 C) so they have snow on occasions while in summer it rarely gets above 90 F (30 C). So, it offers a great environment to live in all year-long.

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