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Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-27 20:33:53 | Roswell, New Mexico, United States
Keywords: architecture, attraction, space
Being a science-fiction fan always curious about what's 'out there' and passing through New Mexico, I had to make a little detour to Roswell. :-) So I did plan a visit to the mythical town where fans of aliens and conspiracies abound.

For those who aren't familiar as to why this little town in southern New Mexico is famous, I'll resume briefly the events. What is known as the 'Roswell incident' is allegedly an UFO crash near the town in July 1947. The army would have found not only remnant of a vessel, but also at least two specimens of creatures in or nearby the vessel. This is the origin point of the image of aliens with grey skin, tiny skeleton body and very large black eyes we're so familiar with. Rumours say everything was sent to Area 51 for analysis.

Officially, the army reported that as a crash of a weather balloon and always denied it was something not created by humans. Conspiracies fans class that on top of the list of the cover-ups, right along JFK's assassination.

Since, Roswell has became a focal points for those believing we're not alone in the universe and they have a yearly festival gathering thousands of believers. The town also has a UFO museum with a research library too learn more about the 'incident' and all other UFO matters. The museum has even been recognized as being very important for New Mexico by a few governors through the years!

The whole town has now embraced the aliens theme, since that's probably good for business. Most stores are 'aliens-friendly' and show off green extra-terrestrial figures. All the attractions of the city revolve around the UFOs. Outside the city you find great natural curiosities, like the bottomless lakes and the great white dunes.

Now, is the fact I was in Roswell roughly 66 years and 66 days after the incident, just South of the historical route 66, a simple coincidence or was it all orchestrated by someone out of this planet? I let you decide. :-)

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