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Salt Lake City
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-07 23:17:02 | Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Keywords: architecture, mountain
I stopped in Salt Lake City because it was a convenient drop off from my Yellowstone tour to keep my progression towards the West coast. I wasn't anticipating much, and the city didn't surprise me.

After five days of touring with a large group with in regular schedules, I really needed a break to rest, plan my next stops and give some healing time to my heel.  For that, my couch surfing hosts were very accommodating.

Due to my need to work on the rest of my journey and various schedule issues, I did have only half a day to explore the city, with the help of one of my couch surfing host s who was also very knowledgeable of the area.  We mainly toured around the city.

We went to the shores of the Great Salt Lake, whose level has dropped a lot recently.  Then we went to see up close the large copper mine eating up one of the mountains nearby the city.

We drove a bit in the city where I could fully understand the very logical grid system put in place by the Mormons, using metric system (every streets are 100 meters apart).  We toured the state Capitol and the 2002 Olympic stadium.

If in Denver it's possible to not see the Rockies, in Salt Lake City, it's totally impossible not to see the mountains all a around the city which is located in the bottom of a bowl.

I loved the city structure and location, easy to explore, both by foot and transit (bus and light rail).  But there is no big appeal in the city itself.  No spectacular building or parks, besides the ones related to the Mormons, which form about 60% of the state population.  Since the religion is everywhere in Salt Lake City, it gives the impression it's a religion-ruled state.

What I'll retain from my short stop in this city is the religion and the fry sauce.

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