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San Diego
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-14 22:43:04 | San Diego, California, United States
Keywords: beach, city
Although it has twice as much population and it's four times closer to Los Angeles, it's weather is warmer and more stable, it also has more beaches, San Diego doesn't have as many tourists as it's Northern California's cousin San Francisco. San Diego has more museum and a good selection of world-known attractions like the zoo and Sea World, but very few free activities.

Even though this birth place of California is very charming in its own right, with its Mexican adobe houses with terracotta roof tiles, it doesn't have the Victorian elegance of SF.  It doesn't have a solid touristic infrastructure except for congresses.

Outside the touristic zone of the Gaslamp District, many stores and restaurants of Downtown are closed on weekends.  The transit system has a store downtown to provide assistance, it runs from 9 to 5 on weekdays only.  They also kept an old trolley car (like the San Francisco's streetcars), but it runs only 4 days a week with limited hours.  These are all signs that tourism isn't that important here, at least not in September.

The city mostly lives out of the big navy base, where is stationed the Pacific fleet.  Most of the high-rises of the city are residential, most of the rest are banks.

Transit system is very good, clean and cheap, although a bit confusing with different bus route classes or types.  Downtown is relatively compact for the size of the city and can easily be walked safely The beaches are located on the outskirts of the city (including the Coronado peninsula), but transportation is easy.

I didn't fully experience San Diego because I didn't want to pay for the major attractions, which can be quite expensive.  But I got a good feeling of the city itself and I like it.  Much more Californian spirit than Los Angeles but less than SF, perhaps because they don't really take advantage of the sea here (there's only a small wharf section, and not the prettiest one I've seen).  Again, could be the season, even it was still warm and sunny.

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