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San Francisco architecture
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-02 21:03:14 | San Francisco, California, United States
Keywords: architecture, Historic, Icon
I'm not an architect and I'm not even knowledgeable in architecture styles, but I love San Francisco for its architecture. It has a few big buildings that are very nice, including the Transamerica Pyramid. Most of the houses are either in Victorian style or very much inspired by it... even without the fine details, you can easily distinguish the idea. Here in the Bay, everyone seems to have bay windows to let the maximum of sunlight inside.

Above you see the six most photographed houses of the city... mostly because of the backdrop they offer. These are examples of 'Painted Ladies'. The name doesn't refer to these specific houses, but to all Victorian (or Victorian-inspired) houses on which the architecture details have been enhanced by paint. Thus, you see most houses with door and window frames with a different colour than the rest of the house, for example. Most houses here are painted, usually in light pastel colours. Sometimes you see a splashing red or pink popping out, but they are somewhat a rare occurence.

On many aspects, I felt like I was back to St. John's (Newfoundland)... very hilly town, coloured Victorian houses, etc. The only major difference is that here most of the houses are finished with concrete (stucco), and not wood.

Below, you see the tallest building of San Francisco, the Transamerica Pyramid, certainly another signature of the city.

Oh, yes, of course... when you think about San Francisco, you think about a bridge... not the new Bay Bridge which is closed this weekend for repairs (although it was never really used much and it's not officially completed, because they found many issues like rust already). You're thinking about a red bridge... one of the most famous bridge of the world... the Golden Gate one. So, I include a picture taken this morning. As it's often the case, it had the head in the clouds.

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