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San Francisco
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-09-07 22:30:09 | San Francisco, California, United States
Keywords: architecture, city, food
I was really looking forward to visit San Francisco again. I had been here in 2007 Zurich which time I had visited Yosemite and a portion of the redwoods forest. I also went down to Monterey to visit that world famous aquarium. This time, pin a limited budget, I stayed in the city limits to revisit the classic attractions and explore more the city amongst the locals. I had great weather to enhance my visit into a great city.

When I asked to locals what they like best about their city, they answered with food, weather or quality of living.  To me, it's all that plus on top of the list the architecture.  I just love the colourful houses all over the place and the detailing of the windows and other architecture elements, that turns the whole city into a giant art gallery.

I bought a transit pass and I was able to visit all the attractions when I wanted, avoid groups of tourists and stay as long as I wanted to watch site.  Of all the popular sites, only the Painted Ladies and the Golden Gate bridge are outside downtown and the popular streetcar route, but easily accessible with a short bus ride from the streetcar.  The city bus drops you right at the lookout point at the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate bridge, two minutes walk and you're onto the bridge.

Of course, the streetcar brings you at both ends of the popular Powell-Hyde cable car line so you can get to the famous Lombard street segment.  F line also brings you all along the wharves to let you see the Golden Gate bridge from afar and let you eat all the good fresh seafood you want, shop and watch the sea lions at Pier 39.  In bonus, you get to ride a totally different car every time!

For the nautical fans, check out the America's Cup, it starts this weekend in SF, and I had the chance to view some of those sea race boats in action in the Bay.

San Francisco is really one of my favourite cities, the more time I spend in here, the more I realise it.  It was also the last known stop on my route for a very long time to come.  From here, it's all new territory for me now, really discovering new locations every day for the next few years.

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