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Washington poured on me... again!
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-12 19:59:59 | Washington, D. C., Washington, D.C., United States
Keywords: rain, vietnam, White House
I first visited Washington, DC, the capital of the USA, in 2008. I had spent 4 or 5 days here, during the best time for a photographer... while the cherry trees were in full blossom. I has been lucky for that, but unfortunately, I had rain every single day I was here then. That's one of the reasons why I wanted , to stop here again... in hope to have a better weather to capture the city's grandiose buildings and monuments. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

So far on my journey, it was either rainy or sunny but extremely hot (I'm talking about 40 C / 110 F in the shade, without the humidity), no comfortable middle zone.

So, this morning, I went out to explore again the city... even if I knew we had a severe thunderstorm during the night, I was still hopeful. I guess my hopes would had been better placed buying a lotto ticket.

It was rainy all day long, with very few dry moments. I didn't do many pictures, and only with my compact waterproof camera, since I had left my DSLR at my room, knowing it wouldn't be nice (and to let my shoulder's sunburns recover as well). But I did take the one above of the White House, with the Secret Service police officer standing guard.

I also went to explore the Mall... a large park with numerous monuments to the nation's fathers but also to the wars. I particularly liked the one for the Vietnam. There was a reference book where you could look for the names of the people. So, by curiosity, I looked up for a name close to mine... and I found Silvester Beauregard. Not too bad as coincidence, will you say? It gets even better... the Vietnam war lasted from 1959 to 1975... so, that soldier of the army born in Tennessee could have died anytime during those 26 years. Well, he died 10 days after I was born. See his inscription on the black granite wall.

There were some renovations and a convention around the big reflection pool so I couldn't take good pictures of that either. But my main preoccupation of the day was to find another luggage to replace my broken one.

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