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Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-08-05 01:58:28 | Jackson, Wyoming, United States
Keywords: park, UNESCO
The main reason for me to take this group tour was to be able to explore this Yellowstone park. Not only was it probably the only major park in Western US I haven't visited yet, but it's also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Of course, when you think Yellowstone, you see huge  landscapes populated by large animals like the bison and the ,pose, you also think hot springs and geysers.  

Of course,it got its name from the color of many stones coloured by the sulfur ejected by the various geysers and other thermal sources.  The smell can be pretty powerful on occasion.

The park covers an immense area of 9 000 sq kilometers, 96% of which are in the state or Wyoming, 3% in Montana and the last 1% is in Idaho.  Its elevation ranges from 5 285 feet (1 602 m) to 11 358 feet (3 442 m).

The park includes over 10 000 thermal sources, which are half of those on the entire planet, so no surprises that its 300 geysers also represent two-thirds of those on the planet as well.

But the park is equally famous for its diversity.  There are over 1 000 native species of plants, more than 300 birds species and over 60 mammals.

In 1872, it became the very first national park in the world.  It was accepted as Biosphere Reserve (another list managed by the UNESCO to preserve exceptional biodiversity locations all over the world) in 1976 and inscribed to the World Heritage List two years later.

I visited the Mammoth Hot Springs (lower and upper terraces), the Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Yellowstone lake and a few other thermal phenomenons.

Even though I haven't had the chance to photograph wildlife, I saw many fine examples elks and bisons along the roads.  Bus tours don't give you the freedom to stop along the way to take pictures.

The only thing I didn't have the chance to see is big mountains.  There are many within the park, but not in the area where my tour went.  But we saw some just south of  Yellowstone, in the Grand Teton national park.

Overall, I can say Yellowstone is now my favorite national park in the US, due to the great variety of spectacular sceneries in so many different expressions (rivers, lake, wildlife, thermal sources, geysers) which can only all be found in there.

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